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LERC2023 2-day event

October 21st and 22nd, 2023

Day 1  (Saturday 21 October 2023)

9.15-9.50  Conference registration - Wecome coffee

9.50 - 10.00 Opening Statements

10.00-11.00 Keynote speaker Dr Thomai Alexiou, Aristotle University of ThessalonikiIf you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.: Evidence from the EAN project

11.00-11.30 Dr. Sangeetha Puthiyedath, The English and Foreign Languages University Hyderabad, IndiaIndigenizing Materials: A Case for Decolonizing Materials for Teaching English

11.30-12.00 Dr Anne-Marie Barrault-Méthy,  Université de Bordeaux, FranceLanguage variation in action : the Ludibrilang action-research project

12.00-12.30 Dr. Αndroma(c)hi Koufogiorgou, Colegio-Ikastetxea Loiu (Bizkaia), Bilbao, Spain | /is ˈsou ˈdifikult for as/

12.30-13.00 COFFEE BREAK

13.00-13.30 Maolin Wang, China |  An analysis on the production of Chinese triphthongs by Philippine learners

13.30-14.00 Edward Eustace, UKReview of the state of English as the Lingua Franca (ELF), the pedagogy of lexical collocations and the harbinger of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

14.00-14.30 Dr. Lizeta Demetriou, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, WalesInvestigating Greek Cypriot learners’ knowledge of phrasal verbs and the factors affecting acquisition 

14.30-15.30 LUNCH BREAK

15.30-16.00 dr. Laura Furcsa, Budapest Business University, Hungary & dr. Renáta Bernhardt Eszterházy Károly Catholic University, HungaryMetaphor analysis regarding conceptual changes of communication 

16.00-16.30 Dr Muhammad Afzaal, Shanghai International Studies University, China & Xiao Shanshan, Shanghai International Studies University, ChinaGrammatical Complexity in L2 Writing at Higher Educational Institutions: A Corpus-Based Study

16.30-17.00 Dr Elisavet Apostolou, University of Athens, GreeceInvestigating B2 Listening Comprehension Difficulty from the FL listener’s perspective

17.00-17.30 Raquel Serrano, University of Barcelona & Elsa Tragant, University of Barcelona, SpainEnhancing Incidental L2 Vocabulary Acquisition through Reading: Investigating the Impact of Word Frequency and Distribution Patterns

17.30-18.00 Amber Qureshi, All in One Learning Centre, Manchester, UKIs it mission impossible to start a conversation in a classroom?

18.00-18.30 Lilit Sargsyan, Yerevan State University, ArmeniaStudent-Centeredness as an Enabler of Reform in the Higher Education of Armenia

18.30-19.00 Anupama Sujatha, IIT-Madras, IndiaSignificance of Corpus Building in Effective Machine Translation

19.00-19.10  Closing remarks DAY 1

Day 2  (Sunday 22 October 2023)

9.15-9.50  Wecome coffee

9.50 - 10.00 Opening Statements

10.00-11.00 Keynote speaker Dr Paschalis Chliaras FHEA, Head of Applied Language Studies House, Greece & UK | Error Analysis through Error Mapping

11.00-11.30 Roxanne H. Padley University of Bergamo & University of Salerno, Italy | New Trends in Language Assessment and Second Language Learning

11.30-12.00 Dr Krisztina Babos , Budapest Business University, Dr Magdolna Lehmann, University of Pécs and Dr Zoltán Lukácsi, Euroexam International | Challenges and responses: State-accredited language examinations in Hungary post-Covid


12.00-12.30 Dr Aleksandra Łuczak, Kozminski University, PolandHow Can AI Help You Prepare Students for ESP Exams

12.30-13.00 COFFEE BREAK

13.00-13.30 Maria Chatzikonstantinou, DISCOVERY PATH, Greece | Virtual Reality in Basic Education

13.30-14.00 Dimitrios Ziogas, Butterfly Publishing | Elevating Engagement: AI-Driven Strategies for Fostering Language Learning Enthusiasm

14.00-14.30 Dr Christine Savvidou, University of Nicosia, CyprusWho wrote this essay? Detecting AI-generated writing in ESL writing classes in higher education

14.30-15.30 LUNCH BREAK

15.30-16.00 Maria Andria, University of Barcelona, Spain & Elsa Tragant, University of Barcelona, SpainMobile-Assisted Language Learning: The use of WhatsApp in the foreign language classroom

16.00-16.30 Ms. Elli Kyrmanidou (PhD candidate, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), Vocational High School of Glafki, Greece & Dr. Giannis Moysidis, (EdD, King’s College London), 1st Model High School of Thessaloniki, “Manolis Andronikos", GreeceEAP in Greece. Comparative examples from relevant practices in higher education abroad (Munich, Germany, and Sheffield, UK) and the current situation in Greece. Benefits in students’ skills development from teaching EAP in Greek secondary education

16.30-17.00 Diana Peppoloni, University of Perugia,  ItalyDiaphasic variety in the classroom of Italian as a second language. Teaching the language of fashion through a specialized corpus

17.00-17.30 Dr. Rita Szaszkó PhD, Eszterházy Károly Catholic University, HungaryUniversity students’ intercultural encounter patterns: findings of a focus-group interview study

17.30-18.00 Anna Karapanou, PhD Student, Adjunct Faculty at the University of Nicosia, CyprusLearning to teach 21st century skills: TESOL teachers’ participation in a virtual community of practice as a framework for professional development

18.00-18.30  Zarminae Ansari, Joy of Urdu, Pakistan | The Success of Folly: Joy of Urdu’s “HIMAQATEIN”, and Innovation in Language Promotion and Preservation- A Case Study

19.00-19.15 Closing remarks Day 2

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