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LERC2021: University of Nicosia scholarships


These scholarships, funded by the University of Nicosia, give the opportunity for anyone with an interest in English Language and Literature and in Distance learning (MA in TESOL)  to attend the 3rd International Conference on Language Education and Research.

It is not necessary to be a JALL subscriber to apply nor do you have to give a presentation. 

The award consists of:

·         The first scholarship will be a 20% scholarship for the duration of studies (4 years) for the BA in English Language and Literature (€8,880 – 20% = €7,104 per year).

·         The second scholarship will be 15% for the duration of studies (1.5 years) for the Distance Learning MA in TESOL (€6,300 – 15% = €5,355)

·         registration for the 3rd International Conference on language Education and Research

·         a year's JALL membership


To qualify you must:

·         work in the field of English language teaching 

·         or be interested in studying English Language and Literature at a BA level

·         or be interested in studying Distance Learning at an MA in TESOL level

To be considered for the scholarship you must submit to

·         the following task of between 400 and 500 words:

You have to explore the application of language alongside current practice and developments in teaching and testing. You should define this concept, and discuss career options for graduates from a course that includes teaching English as a second language.

·         a passport size photo (for inclusion in the conference programme)

For LERC2021 scholarships only the submission deadline is the 31st August 2021. Early submissions are very welcome; late submissions will not be considered.

The winners will be informed by 2nd September 2021. Other applicants will be contacted by 5th September. Please do not contact the conference organising committee about scholarship decisions; we will send everyone the results as soon as they are available.

Please feel free to complete the online application form below for a scholarship. 

Online application form

Thanks for submitting!

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